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Louisiana Media Group Peace of Mind

Louisiana Media Group Peace of Mind

The peace of mind plan is the foundation of Louisiana Media Group. “ It is essentially the reason we started the company” says Mike Marchese, President.  Having a background as a musician, and playing on worship teams, this was something that was on Mike’s heart for a long time.

Louisiana Media Group understands the operations of a church service, having experienced the wonderment and blunderment of performances and A/V gear.  ”We just want to help churches learn how to use the equipment that they have and if it breaks we want to fix it for them”! They will also loan equipment for churches to get them through the weekend if need be while there gear is being repaired.

We have a heart for God and ministry and want aid in the process.  Saving a church money to do what they do every week is what we are about. Sometimes you don’t have to buy new gear, you just need to tweak what you have or even perform some preventive maintenance now and then.

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Louisiana Media Group Peace of Mind